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Throwback Thursday


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What ever you call it, it’s that time of week again, folks. It’s Throwback Thursday.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting all week to see another picture of what you looked like during your awkward stage. As if last week’s picture of you slow dancing with your your “camp boyfriend” wasn’t sufficient enough, this week’s picture of you flashing the peace sign at your Britney Spears themed birthday party will surely take the cake. I realize how hard it must have been to take the time to dig through years of photos and private albums on Facebook to find the perfect TBT picture.

What an ideal TBT should look like: a perfect balance of sass and awkwardness

What an ideal TBT should look like: a perfect balance of sass and awkwardness

I appreciate your braces, flat chest, and acne. I really do—Girlscout’s honor.

While I’m not entirely sure when exactly Throwback Thursday started, I imagine it went something like this: a couple months ago, a cool kid decided to show off his or her semi-adorable childhood pictures and thought to him/ herself when captioning said photo, “Golly, I love alliterations. #throwbackthursday it is!” Then, by the grace of god (or by the hundreds of likes kids these days get), the trend of #throwbackthursday spread like lice in a kindergarten class.

Nowadays, the really cool kids simply hashtag, “#tbt”

One hashtag. No caption.

Wow. Cool.

Recently, I’ve noticed people are abusing the Throwback Thursday trend. To combat against this blasphemy, I’ve made a list of simple #TBT rules to follow.

  1. Throwbacks must be at least two years before the current date…TBT is not meant for you to bring back pictures from this year’s new years eve. Trust me, nobody wants to revisit that quite yet—too soon my friend, too soon.
  2. Please, for the love of all that’s good and kind in this world, NO landscape pictures from that vacation you took years back. “wish i was in france right now #tbt”…………no
  3. One Throwback Thursday picture per week. End of story.

Now, my friends, go forth and throwback ‘til your heart’s content. I won’t judge.

While you’re thumbing through piles of pictures, here’s my 90’s playlist to put you in Throwback Thursday mood.