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This One’s For the Girls.


As I sit in my semi-clean dorm room on a Sunday night (well, morning), I contemplate my clothing options for the following day.

While this doesn’t happen every night, I try to make a conscious effort to make sure that I don’t look completely homeless when I walk out of my dorm.

And no, I have yet to bust out the sweats in public…besides in the library that is.

Most people don’t understand that after wearing a strict, Gossip Girl-esque uniform for the past five years, I, along with many like minded people, get a little fatoosted* when given the freedom to pick out my own clothes.

This was my life for five long years. Clearly I was a tad excited to go to Texas. Hook em!

This was my life for five long years. And yes, I’m aware my skirt was unreasonably short.  Clearly I was a tad excited to go to Texas. Hook em!

Hell, I get worked up just thinking about which of my three pairs of neutral colored, Rainbow flip flops to wear!

Jeans? Sweaters? Shirts? Shoes? Shorts? Tanks? Dresses?

The options are endless.

However, if you are a sorority girl at U.T., you only have one option: norts*, oversized frat t-shirt or tank (frockets* are a must), mid-calf white, ribbed socks, and Nike free-runs.  Oh, and if you’re feeling really stylish, you might as well bust out your Ralph Lauren baseball hat.

If that doesn’t scream “top of the line fashion”, I don’t know what does.

I wonder who was the brilliant individual who decided that ensemble was legitimately cute.

Austin is supposed to be one of the coolest and most unique cities in the entire U.S.. I mean, come on, Austin’s slogan is, “Keep Austin Weird”.

Why must people conform to such fashion atrocities? What happened to being unique and making a statement? College is supposed to be about finding yourself, not blending in with the masses.

If going to an all girls’ high school taught me anything, it taught me to cherish the years where I have the complete freedom to pick out whatever my heart desires to wear. Because let’s face it, soon enough, we’ll all be rocking the “business casual” look on the daily.

And trust me, as adorable as grey, blue, and black pants suits are, I’d much rather have the option of wearing my Austin City Limits t-shirt and jean shorts.

So, fellow fashionistas, I’ll leave you with this:

I, Alana, the sorority girl, triple-dog-dare you to wear something new instead of the same old same old. Be different! Take a risk! In a city whose slogan is “Keep Austin Weird”, I doubt your outfit of choice will cost you any friends.

No guarantees on that last part, but what ever, you get my drift.

*Fatoosted: Immensely frustrated (Yiddish)

*Norts: Nike Shorts (I know, I didn’t know it was abbreviated either)

*Frockets: Front + Pocket = Frocket